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Massage escort Amsterdam

You could choice for a nice and smooth massage by one of our beautiful
high class escort girls.
You are staying inside a hotel or whether you are staying at home and would love to receive the girl there everything is possible.
Escortin.amsterdam in Amsterdam offer different type’s of massages which you could be enjoying by yourself or even with your partner.

Order now a erotic massage!

Are you looking to relax and being treated with a massage then you can call our agency for a relaxing massage.
All our girls will be dropped on a discrete way at your home or at the hotel.
Our drivers will never wait in front of your door of close to the hotel but will drive away directly
after the girl has been dropped off.
Everything will be done discretely to make sure your dreams will come to reality.

We offering all type’s of massages with and without happy ending, it’s just what the client expects from us!

Type’s of massages:

  • Erotic massage: Erotic massage or sensual massage is a massage technique with the aim of generating or reinforcing sexual feelings.
    Like massages for medical purposes, erotic massages have a long history.
    Nowadays it is taken by couples as a prediction or part of their sexual love game.
    Erotic massages are focused on the erogenous areas of the body to elicit sexual pleasure!
    The erotic massage is given by the lady you choose.
    You can also use the + additional service for erotic massage, but of course you can talk to the escort yourself!
    Give your wishes and enjoy an amazing erotic massage for an hour or several hours!
    Erotic massages are also given to your hotel room in Amsterdam or, of course, just at your home!


  • Body to body massage: A delicious body to body massage will say that you are delighted to massage with oil from top to toe.
    The escort lady ensures that you can enjoy her beautiful, delicious, soft body!
    A body to body masage will she do with her body, and with her hands.
    With her beautiful body she will slide over you.
    Enjoy a body to body massage with your partner or you can also do that on your own.


  • Candle massage:┬áLike candles, massage candles can be lit with a lighter.
    Massage candles, other than ordinary candles, consist of a mixture of soya wax, butter and shea butter.
    The soya wax used for massage candles usually has a melting point of about 45c.
    This ensures that the molten oil that develops after application is safely applied to the skin.
    The massage candle releases a delicious odor while burning and the oil that is created is suitable for the whole body.
    During the firing, the space fills with the delicious scent of the massage candle, which equally creates a romantic and erotic atmosphere.
    When the massage cookie has melted enough oil, the escort lady extinguishes the massage candle after which it waits for 1 minute until the molten oil has cooled slightly further.
    After that, the temperature of the oil is approximately equal to your own body temperature, which is a very nice feeling.
    The use of a massage candle raises the romance and is extremely suitable as a prelude. Let yourself be pampered today by this wonderful massage candle by a beautiful escort lady at your home or at your
    hotel room in Amsterdam or in Rotterdam.

Massage escort girls

If you have never had a relaxing massage before by one of our beautiful escort ladies from Amsterdam then you might want to take this step.
These delightful pleasure massages are for couples as well as for a man only, you will enjoy that one thing is certain!
You will only be spoiled by one of our massuses (massage girls) and you can choose the massage to your choice.
At the first meeting of the private lady, you can discuss all your wishes for your private massage. Once you have gathered the courage to finally let you go, our escort masseuses will literally let you have a breathtaking adventure.
An experienced massage girl knows exactly how to say a massage for men or couples and she will always put you at ease especially if it’s your first time.
You can select the escort lady of your choice on the home page of our website.