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Tips & Tricks

Tips to make youre escort date perfect!

If you you are looking for a professional high class escort lady which is 100% hygienic and discreet, then EscortIn.Amsterdam is the perfect escort company to fulfill your needs .

Our escort ladies are inspected on their hygiene and are therefore always what the customer expects to get from us.

Checked on hygiene

We regularly make sure that our girls are being tested on hygiene. Next to that they girls are being tested on hygiene we also give them the possibility to discuss things with the customer where they can personally give permission to.

We also require from our customers that they treat our girls with respect and don’t insult them in any way just as we do.
In other agencies girls are being disrespected which we really dislike and do not accept inside our agency.

Delivery charges

The amount you paid for our escort services is including initial journeys- costs as discussed on appointment through our website.

We require our escorts to take condoms with them provided by us or them self to make sure safe sex is guaranteed.
An escort service is not just the erotic part of the date but also different possibility’s are possible such as a massage
or coming by as hotel escort. Every client gets a guaranteed orgasm and the costs are all-in without any hidden sale.

For our escort services there are multiple options available such as: multiple orgasms, french kissing or in some of the cases sucking without a condom, anal and even a trio escort service is possible. What ever you would like it’s all possible on discussion when you contact us through our phone number so we can set- up the perfect date for your wishes and the best pricing in your situation.

If you have other dreams or another fetish then our Escort Amsterdam service team can tell you everything about what is possible or what is not. Contact us for the best deal and the perfect information so you know what is possible or what is not.

Our drivers never stop for your house!

When our escorts will arrive at your location or at your hotel room they will first do the financial part including the checkout.

Our escort girls are very professional and take their health and safety more than serious, better than the average escort services.

The average drunk women is usually in for a couple of free drinks in a bar and our escort are not in a position to do something like that and still should be able to behave them self professionally.

It’s possible to offer our girls a drink incase she is able to handle it and still knows what she is doing.
Your escort lady knows exactly when the time is ripe for the trip to the bedroom.
If the case is done they are also usually called in to a clean shower to be received from the host who has invited her.

Please note that in this case you have clean towels available.

A few tips to make your escort date successfully:

  • Please make sure you have taken a shower, took a shave and smell nicely.
  • Do not drink alcohol before you one of our escort’s ordered and do not use drugs.
  • Make sure that you have a clean and comfortable room with some music and a drink.
  • Be respectful to our ladies and show you are interested in them to make them relax and feel at home.
  • Make sure that your dreams and desires are discussed properly so that they know where they stand.
  •  Take your time during the escort date so that the lady also feel at ease.
  •  If it is possible, in this case to provide the escort lady the opportunity to take a shower after the appointment.

If something strange or discrete’s happens during the escort date then please contact our agency so we can fix the problems right away.

This escort services are a personal issue between you and the girl and we aim to a good and nice solution which should be positive for both sides. Incase you have a special request for our escort lady’s than we require you to discuss this with our agency so we and the girl both know what they should be dealing with.

It’s possible that our girls start fulfilling their services when they agree with it so they can make your dreams come true.

It’s also possible that some of our girls do not accept some services and tell you they don’t want to do something. 

Make youre date perfect with our tips and tricks!
We expect you to respect the girl’s personal situation and do not make a big problem out of it or else a big problem could start existing and that is not what we want.